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Mold manufacturing

We have started manufacturing our own mechanically- welded mould since the foundation of our company. Thanks to our highly- experienced team in Rotomolding and the precious assistance of equally highly- experienced boilermakers, we have created an in-house boiler making division made of 4 persons.

Before launching the mould,thanks to the software of Solid Works conception, our design office is able to carry out a survey that can allow us to set the feasibility of the product and the different drawings of the mould implementation. A 3D image of the product is necessary to materialize the item and see if any modification is required.
After the study, the conception and the manufacture of the mould, the rotomolding of the item is then conducted on the same site. In cases where we like to introduce any improvements or modifications on the item, we can very quickly resume the mould and remake trials.